Interior Painting

Getting the interior of your house or business painted is one of the best ways to spruce up your property, create a new look, or simply add value before putting it on the market.

At Colour My Walls, we comprise a team of interior painters who are true craftsmen when it comes to taking your property up a notch. Whether you require a paint job for your office, apartment, or house, we’ve got the experience and expertise to complete any job to the highest standard.

Our interior painters are highly skilled and experienced at what they do. When you hire us, you know you will see professionalism, quality, attention to detail, and excellent workmanship. Our interior painters use quality products as well as provide exceptional service to ensure you are completely satisfied with your painting job. Whether you need your residential or commercial property painted, we are the ones to call!

Exterior Painting Services

A worn-out exterior can bring down the look and value of your property. Our painters have all the knowledge and experience required to bring your property to its finest.

At Colour My Walls, we strive to deliver quality service and exceed client expectations with every completed painting job. Our team consists of the best exterior painters in South-East Queensland. Granted that committing to an exterior painting project is a tremendous responsibility, our painters are ready to take up the challenge.

With our exterior painting services, we can cover everything on the outside of your property. Whether you need us to paint the exterior walls of your home or business premises, other buildings, and structures on your property, you can count on us to get the job done with perfection.

Interior Decorating

Achieving the style or look you want in your home to make it magazine worthy can be difficult, time-consuming, and pricey. A professional interior decorator can help you achieve the look you want without the hassle of breaking your budget.

We want to make the process of upgrading your home fun and hassle-free; that’s why we offer more than just professional painting. With services like colour consulting and interior decorating, we integrate our paint job into your desired outcome. With our expertise in colour and decorating, we work together with you to turn your property into a show stopper.

At Colour My Walls, we have designated designers to guide you through the whole process, from idea conception and layout to hand-selecting pieces to fit into your aesthetic and company branding to overseeing the final installation. We are with you at each step of the way.

Colour Consulting

At Colour My Walls, we understand that deciding on a colour for your painting project is difficult and can prove to be an expensive mistake if chosen poorly. A colour change can make one of the most significant transformations to your asset so settling on the right colour is not a decision to be taken lightly. Here, we provide you with free colour consulting on acceptance of your quote. If required, we can provide paint samples to help you make your decision.

We know how stressful it can be to decide on a colour scheme for your property as well as the look you wish to achieve, so let us take that stress away. At Colour My Walls, we make decorating and styling affordable yet effective!